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Who are we?

Dine-amic Software, Inc. is a privately held Corporation in Phoenix Arizona.

We were born in the Restaurant world. Our System was created by Restaurant people for Restaurant people. Having owned and operated our own restaurants, bars, clubs and banquet halls, we know what really happens in the business. We talk the talk and have walked the walk. It shows in our system design and our quality & timeliness of our support. Systems have to run in a manner that matches the face-paced, unforgiving, million-details-going-on-at-once reality of the restaurant business. And the support better be there when you need it.

Our clients love our support. They love the fact that we've been on both sides of the fence. Not everything is how do I fix a broken printer or add another menu item. Our support also focuses on how to use your system to become the most profitable you can be. Understanding what it takes to be profitable in the restaurant business is more than just theory. We know you can be out of business faster than you can change a CO2 tank.

We know this business is the management of a million details all at once and that most restaurant people by nature try to take on as much as possible all on their own. They do it for a couple of reasons. One, to save money. Every dime you save by doing something yourself can be a dime in your pocket, right? Maybe not. Secondly, because they want things done right so they do it themselves. The problem is, both those things can lead to disaster in a relatively short period of time.

We provide a system and a solution that enables you and the staff you've hired to be the best everyone can possibly be. "Let the computer compute", is one of our favorite sayings. We know you need pertinent information and we know you need it now. Let the computer system do the "dog work" so you and your people can do what you hired them to do in the first place - make money in the restaurant world.

Our history:

Back in the late 1960's we owned and operated the hottest nite-club in Phoenix and probably all of Arizona. They were called "Discotheque's" back then (not to be confused with the "Discos" of the Eighties). Live bands from L.A., multiple dance floors, girls in "go-go" cages, a Radio broadcast booth, and lots of crazy fun. 

The bottom line then was we needed to know if  the current act drew enough people that spent enough money to cover the cost of the band and all of the operating overhead? We had to know by the last day of the band's gig whether or not to renew their contract for another week. When the place is packed and the bars are busy and people are having a great time, it all certainly looks like it's profitable. Everyone from the locals to Celebrities like the Smothers Brothers, Bob Hope, Kitty Carlyle (Kitty from gunsmoke) and James Arness were there. But was it really profitable? Just like today, everything can appear to be going really well but when the dust clears and the money and inventory are counted it could be a completely different picture. So by hand, we calculated all Sales, minus all cost of the exact liquor used, minus the labor for the staff, minus the cost of the band to come up with an Operating Profit or Loss on Monday morning from the previous week. That was not an easy task without computers or even hand-held calculators. But it worked. We knew how much money we were making or losing.

That basic concept lives on today in the Dine-amics Fully Integrated Business System. Instantaneous Profit & Loss Analysis.

Then came the Seventies:

That's when we took the Steak & Salad Bar concept (which was born in the Southwest), to the Midwest. We decided to build the first Southwestern Steak & Salad Bar restaurant 30 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. Were we crazy? Maybe. They had never really seen red tile roofs, white stucco, Spanish style architecture, private booths with handmade wooden tables, little private nooks everywhere, southwestern nick knacks and menus on meat cleavers. The menu was basically steak, lobster, crab legs and enchiladas. All grilled in the middle of the dining room behind the salad bar. Add a free wine tasting bar and it was heaven. The place to be and be seen. 2-3 hour waits for a table, full-service barroom, and everyone had a blast.

It was such a success we built a couple more. "First Place West", "First Place East", "Red Dog Rosies" and the original Red Dog a Go-Go that started it all.

The only POS systems that existed at this time were ECR's (Electronic Cash Registers). What you got out of it was a "Z" tape. Kind of a long unreadable mess with subtotals at the end. Good luck.
You'd spend 2-3 hours per night trying to find the missing three dollars to balance. That's when the first Mini-computers appeared. Computers the size of small rooftop air conditioners with 10 MB drives that lost everything if you bumped them, punch cards and floppy discs. The industry thinking of the time was to use ECR's for the registers then everyone should go out and buy a software program from one company to manage Inventory, another program from someone else to do Sales Analysis, another for Scheduling, another for Bookkeeping and so on (surprisingly that antiquated logic lives on today). We thought differently.

We wanted more. We thought there should be a way to do everything on one system. All these subsystems are integral parts of the whole. There should be a way to run your entire business on the same single system.

But that wasn't availablle, so we invented it.

On the Data General Mini-computers of the day, in the banquet rooms of the first restaurant, we started "Midwest Micro Systems". It took over a million dollars in restaurant profits and over a year to create the first database. Then we had to test it on ourselves to work out the bugs. After that, we sold systems mostly to forward thinking independent restaurant owners and along came the Levy Corporation out of Chicago. They needed to know the information our system was capable of producing at a Corporate level, for multi-unit operations. Over the next few years, we installed systems in all their restaurants as fast as they could build them. Every restaurant in the Sears Tower, The Water Tower, The Magnificient Mile, locations on Rush Street, and on and on. And they all talked by dial-up modems to a central office!

Into the Eighties:

The success of Midwest Micro Systems was so great we decided to sell of all the restaurant holdings, dedicate ourselves entirely to the POS world and moved the Headquarters back to Arizona where it all started. We re-formulated the company as Dine-amic Software, Inc. Hences the product referred to as "Dineamics POS". 

The Nineties and 2000's:

Brought us the advancement if the Internet and all the tools that live in our systems today from Remote Access to On-line Credit Card Processing, Instantaneous Support, Tablets, Smartphones, Cloud Computing and so much more.

Today we continue with the same ideals that we've maintained from the very beginning. Develop the most complete and best possible products that fit the reality of the restaurant world. Listen to what people want and need. Provide the best possible support for clients by being there when needed. 

4340 E. Indian School Rd., #21-577·Phoenix, AZ 85018
Toll Free: 800.272.1479·Local: 602.284.5662


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