POS System for Restaurant
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All-In-One Restaurant POS System



Run Windows 8.1, 8.2 or Windows 10 


Windows 10, 14" Wide Touchscreens with
printers that may be added on externally 


Windows 10 Flatscreens with Built-in Printers



15" Flatscreens run Windows 7, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1, 8.2, Windows 10  




We will configure your system to whatever number and type of Touchscreens, Tablets, Printers, Cash Drawers, Credit Card Readers, Bar Code Readers and any other devices you may need. Buy exactly what you need now and expand later, as you grow. 

Remember, at Dineamics you always only pay for the Software once! Fully Expandable. 

All Systems can run with or without a dedicated Back-office Server. That's a matter of convenience and space and completely up to you. 
Where there is no space for a Server one of the Touchscreens will do do double-duty and act as the server for long term file storage. There's plenty of room. You will never run out of disk space.

Touchscreens come with 3-Year Replacement Warranties. Anything that can't be fixed by a support call will be replaced that same day by Overnight or Second-day Delivery. 

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