POS System for Restaurant
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Membership-based POS System for Clubs


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 1. Start POS Tickets by Member. 

Use Name, Number or Member Cards. 
Charges Member Accounts or accept Cash,  Credit Card,  Gift Card,  Chits,  etc. 
Automatic Gratiuity Charge and/or Credit Card Usage fee options. 

 2. POS Tickets are Invoices.

Instantly. Nothing for you to do. Writes the POS Ticket-Invoice to the Member Accounts. 

 3. Combines POS & Back-office Billing on One Statement.

Everything Comes Together.  
POS Tickets automatically combine with Dues, Fees, Slip Charges, Pump-out's, Electrical, Lot Rentals,
and anything else created in the Back-office. Show POS tickets with line item detail or as a single line charge.
Email or Snail Mail Statements. Instant payment option by member to use credit card on file or not. 


Member Web Portal Coming Soon.

Your Own Secure Member Web Portal.   
Members login to make payments on accounts, see Invoice detail, sign up for Events, download documents, even has your own E-commerce site. Members can still pay at the club office or at the bar (option).

Fully Customizable.

Got a unique need? We can create any change or function you may require and we’ll make sure it doesn’t compromise the integrity of your system.

Completely Expandable.

You only pay for the program once. Expand the number of Touchscreens, Printers, Cash Drawers, Tablets, Bar Code Readers, Credit Card Swipes, etc. as you grow. 

Overnight or 2-Day Replacement.

Touchscreens are Replaced at no extra charge for the next three years! 

Remote Access From Home.

Enjoy Secure Remote Access to the Club from Home. 
See and do anything just as if you were there. 

Ready To Go Out-of-the-Box.

We do all the first time setup of menus, items, prices, touchscreen layouts, buttons, colors, etc.
You’ll be fully trained on how to make day-to-day changes and we are never more than a phone call, email or text away.

Point-of-Sale,  Member Charges,  Dues & Fees,  Back-office Billing,  Slip Management,  Slip Billing,  Member Payments,  QUICKBOOKS IMPORT,  Member Portal,  Event Sign-up, Ships Store or Pro Shop,  Timeclock,  Scheduling,  Inventory,  Re-ordering,  too many features to list.  
Use as little or as much of anything you want, whenever you want. 

24/7 Support

We are there when you need us.
Call, text or email. We get right on your system and see exactly what you see. 


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