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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a short list of the some of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the POS send orders to the kitchen?
YES. Send any order anywhere. Dineamics POS can split and send any items from any order to any number of printers. There are no restrictions.

Do you provide a lease-to-own option?
YES, we provide lease-to-own for any size system. The standard two-touch screen starter system is only $149.50 down and $149.50 per month to have it delivered to your doorstep fully operational. What you save in not having any more mis-added tickets will easily pay for that on it's own. 

How long does it take to get running?
Be up & running 30 Days from the time you place your order. When it arrives, it will already have been pre-loaded. Let us know if you need a system faster than that. We love to accommodate.  

Do you provide 24 x 7 support?
YES, we provide 24x7 support. Things happen in the restaurant world past 9-5. We’re there when you need us.

What’s included in my POS system?
Complete Hardware, Software, Installation (setup), Credit Card Authorization, Training, and Support. Nothing is left out. There are no additional charges or hidden fees. You can custom tailor the size of your system any way you want. Add any number of Touch Screens, Tablets, Printers, Cash Drawers, Bar Code Readers, etc. We will give you an exact quote right over the phone.

Are there any additional fees?
NO. There are no hidden fees or charges. Everything’s included.

Does it do credit card processing?
Yes, Dineamics provides complete credit card processing.

Is it PCI Compliant?
YES. Dineamics is partnered with Cayan to be Fully PCI Compliant. Everything from Encrypted Card Swipes to Insertion Readers and Tablet Swipes.

Does it come with a warranty?
YES. Dineamics uses POS-X Touch Screens that include 3-year replacement warranties. Any Touch Screen that can’t be fixed through support will be immediately replaced the day it’s called in by either 2-day or Overnight shipping.There’s no need to wait while you send the old one in for repairs. Who has time for that? A new one (with a continued warranty), is immediately sent out on a phone call.  

Can I add a printer?
YES. You can add Thermal, Impact, LAN, Wireless, USB or Serial Printers or any combination for any purpose. There are no limits.

Can I add a touchscreen?
YES. You can add Touch Screens (or tablets), as your needs require. You pay for the Dineamics Software only once. Add as many devices as you like. Again, no limits, no restrictions.

Does Dineamics include both POS Hardware and POS Software?
YES. We are the source of the code. We have developed all of the software and create any custom code you may need for your operation. We bundle the software with a complete hardware configuration tailored to your exact need.

Can I make changes to my menu?
YES. Making changes to your own system is quick & easy. You’ll be fully trained on how to do that. The system comes with your menus fully loaded but you can make changes anytime you want. You don’t need us to do that but were here if & when you need us for any reason.

Is it easy to use?
YES. Again, we were born out of the restaurant world. Our users love the fact that our POS software is so intuitive.

Can I use my own computer?
YES. If you already have a back-office computer you can use it as a networked computer over the LAN or even use it as the main Server (where all the long term data is stored). Don’t forget, you can also remote in from a computer at home.

Does Dineamics integrate to QuickBooks?
YES. Dine-amics Integrates to QuickBooks. All the Debits & Credits from the POS will automatically be posted to your QuickBooks.

Does Dineamics integrate to Payroll Providers?
YES. The system comes with a Timeclock that will generate all the detail necessary for your Payroll Provider. Sends the information to them electronically.

Does Dineamics have Gift Cards?
YES. Dineamics uses a standard magnetic stripe card (or bar code card), with an encoded number read by the same built-in PCI Compliant Credit Card Reader on the touchscreen. The cards are monetarily “blank” when you start. You “sell” (encode by swiping at the POS), whatever dollar amount you want to add to the card right on the Touchscreen. The card also relates to a customer name, as well as an encoded card number and dollar amount. As they are used, the card maintains a declining balance. Cards are fully re-charge-able. Add more money to them anytime the guest wants. Swipe the card to read its remaining balance.

This is unique from most systems as you DO NOT need to pay for a service to maintain Gift Cards. It’s all handled right on your system. Why pay someone else to manage your cards with a per-swipe fee? That’s ridiculous, it’s your money!  

Can we use Membership Cards?
YES. In the exact same way as the Gift Cards above, we encode the card with a member number. That member’s information and activity lives in the software on the system containing any and all detail. The Membership Card is merely an “I.D.” card.

Does Dineamics have Frequent Diner software?
YES. Dineamics has Frequent Diner Software. Create your own point system and establish rewards that make sense to you. Dineamics Frequent Diner also has something no one else does. Control of the date range. Rather than just giving something away when a customer buys enough products, what you really want to do is get them to come in more often but in the same period of time they normally do. Get them to come in twice per week instead of just once per week.

Can we use employee ID cards?
YES. Dineamics can optionally use both Employee Cards and Manager Cards. Employees use theirs to clock in & out and to access the POS system. Managers use theirs to perform Voids, Discounts, etc. Otherwise, all functions are controlled by secret numbers.

Can I remotely access my POS?
Yes. Remotely access Dineamics from your home or office or even from the road. Uses any computer, tablet or smartphone. See and do everything as if you where right there.

Does Dineamics do Inventory Management?
YES. Dineamics lets you manage your Inventory in whatever level of detail you want. From writing recipes with ingredient quantities and costs to simply using a plate cost or even just a cost percent. Mix and match detail of items however you want. Creating recipes for your biggest sellers and most expensive items goes a long way. The 80/20 rule. 20% of your Sales control 80% of your Inventory Costs. And Dineamics Inventory Control System will automatically write liquor recipes for you.

Does Dineamics do Labor Cost Control?
YES. A full Time Clock System is built right in at no extra charge. There are no limits as to the number of employees or job class assignments. Every employee can even have a unique wage. Employees declare tips right on the Time Clock. Edit reports for any period of time show the full extension of hours, costs, and tips. Managers can make any changes/ corrections necessary. Making a change will message the employee a note to go see the manager for verification (not after your check has been printed). Send employees messages over the time clock. Lets them ask for days off over the timeclock and completely eliminate those annoying little notes you get on cocktail napkins and scraps of paper. Create the schedule right on the computer by moving employee names into shift boxes. Shows instantaneous projected Labor Costs as you're doing so. Stops you from using high-paid employees in places not necessary. Includes Overtime Warning System. Employees can print their schedules and time cards right at the Touch Screen.    

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