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Inventory Cost Control.

Keep Track of Every Single Drink, Beer, Glass of Wine, Soda, Wash, Modifier and Plastic Umbrella within Two Touches.
Every time you touch the "Well Vodka" button, your standard recipe quantity will be subtracted from inventory. If you modify that with the Martini button it will subtract a little more. Same with Rocks, Up's, Neats, Calls, Top Shelf, Multi-liquor Drinks, Bottled beers, Taps, Growlers, etc. Whatever is correct for the way you pour drinks.

Automatic Purchase Orders with minimum stock levels and pars.
When individual bottles reach a minimum stock level a suggested re-order to par report kicks out and shows you what it takes to stock you back up. Increase or decrease the suggested orders any way you like. Press the next button to automatically create a Purchase Order with quantities and cost extensions.

Automatic Receiving.
As orders are delivered, don't re-enter the vendor's invoice all over again. Simply pull up your PO and click off what was received. Boom! You just added it into Inventory. Receiving updates the Vendor. The Vendor Updates the General Ledger. All Automatic.

Distribute stock throughout the property and keep multiple sub-inventories right down to the individual rail if desired. Transfer bottles from one place to another and back again. Keeps track of it all.

Automatic Usage & Cost Reports.
See them in Detail or Summary for whatever time period you want. You do not have to wait until the end of a week or a period. You don't have to wait for the end of the day. See all Beginning Inventory plus purchases, minus what was used in sales or batches giving you a theoretical ending Inventory on hand of both quantity and value. Matches to your Actual and shows you all over's or under's by the bottle with the detailed cost of usage and quantity of usage.

See Inventory Counts and Values on Hand.
What do we have on hand right this minute? It's always there and always ready.

Print Remote Orders to the Bar.  

Keep a dedicated printer right at the rail where the Servers come to collect their drinks.
The new rule becomes: "No drinks go out unless a ticket is printed for them". This insures you're going to collect for everything sold and that all Sales have been accounted for in Inventory. No more Server's "calling" their drinks and promising to ring them later. If you don't have room for a dedicated printer, the system will print the Server's remote orders right to the Bartender's Toucscreen Printer. 

Print Food Orders to the Kitchen.
Absolutely. Use the same menus as the Dining Room uses or create a limited Bar Menu. Even restrict times available to order, if you like. The order in the Kitchen prints the message "Please Deliver To The Bar, Immediately!". Collect and pay for the ticket right at the bar.


Touchscreen Setup is Fast and Easy.

Change Anything On-the-Fly.
Manager Mode makes it easy to create or change items, prices, lists, happy hours, specials, or entire screens On-the-Fly. You can even do it in mid-shift.

User-friendly Screen Management.
We provide lots of tools to cut & paste, create one list from another, search and copy by keyword and/or types, brands, item numbers & ranges, etc.

Any Button Can Be Anything.
There are no restrictions. A Button can be a single item. What you press is what you get (House Margarita). Additionally, the same button could lead to a list of Flavors (Regular, Strawberry, Peach, etc.). Every one of those Flavors could be an individual price and /or could even invoke another list - say a list of modifiers: Salet, no salt, large or small, garnish or no garnish, frozen or shaken, whatever you come up with. Again, no restrictions.

No Limits.
Plain and simple we have no limits as to the number of items, modifiers, buttons, or lists you can create and link together. Further, we guarantee you will never run out of space no matter how extensive your menu is. No limits mean no limits.

Price Buttons.
Prefer to use Price Buttons instead of Drink names? That's OK. Maybe you just want a quick & easy list of generic price buttons (ex: $2.75, $3.25. $4.50. $6.50). That's fine. There's actually a secret way we can relate those buttons to Inventory Usage. We'll show you how.


BAR Touchscreen Functions.

Keep Tabs running and transfer them anywhere, anytime.
Start a tab for anyone and transfer it later to a server in the dining room or close it out now - whatever you prefer. It's all up to you. Do both, if you like.

Eliminate keeping loose credit cards behind the bar.
People do not like that these days. Handing your card over to someone to mix in with a bunch of other cards stacked behind the bar somewhere for anyone in the back of the bar to have access to. Dine-amics gets one "pre-authorization" and you are done. Give the guest their card back immediately. A tip can be added later without needing the card again.

Happy Hours Just Got a Lot Happier.
Unlimited Happy Hour Creations. Any list, any screen can be Happy Hour Controlled. You choose the parameters of what to allow by day of the week and the start and stop times per the computer clock. Prices can be pre-set or bumped up or down by a dollar amount or bumped up or down by a percentage factor.

Repeat Last Round button.
Of course. Easiest thing in the world. No need to re-enter the drinks all over again.

Credit Card Authorizations.
One pre-authorization is all that's needed. Swipe right on the screen. Add the tip later, when it occurs without needing the card again. Oh-oh. the group of 22 people just told you they want to split the check 22 ways with 22 different credit cards. Guess what? Not a big deal. Turn one check into 22 with one button. Each of the 22 new tabs can be evenly split or you can designate a specific dollar amount to each. Now each person with a tab can stay and continue with their tab, or close out now.

Bartender's Cash Keys.
You don't have to start a tab for everyone, of course. Lots of transactions are cash transactions as-you-go. Each different bartender can have his/her own Cash Key which keeps a running tally of all cash transactions but each transaction is subtotalled. So one order Mary takes is "Draft $2.00 & Bottle Bud $3.25" = $5.25 due for that transaction. The $5.25 due gets added to her Cash Key Grand Total, to close out net due at the and of the shift.

Multiple Cash Drawers.
Have a dedicated Physical Cash Drawer for each Bartender. All sales made by that bartender (cash or credit), will be "stored" in their individual Cash Drawer. We know that's not always logistically possible. Sometimes there's only room for one Cash Drawer and/or multiple Bartenders share a drawer for logistical reasons. Not a problem. All sales and receipts can be pointed to a single cash drawer, but the system knows what each bartender is responsible for.

Cash Drawer Payouts.
Petty Cash always comes from the bar, doesn't it? Whether it's a grocery store run for more lemons, or having to pay for some emergency maintenance, or some places pay split tips from the drawer, Dineamics can keep track of every transaction by pointing them to specific General Ledger Accounts for the Bokkeepers.   

Taxes Included or Not Included.
Do you have the tax built into the price of your drinks? Meaning, a $8.00 Margarita includes (9%) Sales tax? No problem. Collect $8.00 and the Dine-amics System will "back-out" the 9% (.72 cents), and list the taxes collected (due) for the Bookkeeper, on the Close-out Report.

Is Liquor, Beer or Wine taxed or not taxed at the Bar or Dining Room?
The Different States and different counties have different rules. We allow for all conditions.

Do you have Multiple Taxes you need to collect?
Again, different areas, different rules. We can collect and track for State, City, and County Taxes. All other rules and functions can still apply.

Suggested Gratuity or Automatic Gratuity.
(3) levels of Suggested Gratuity can print on the ticket, you set the percentages (15, 18, 20%), and whether the calculation is pre-tax or post-tax. Automatic Gratuity can be invoked by the number of people or the size of the ticket. All up to you.


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