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Membership-based POS System for Clubs


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    DINEamics PAYS FOR ITSELF in any size operation big or small starting on the very first month. Independents, Multiple Stores, Fine Dining, Catering, To-Go orders, Fast Food, Hamburger, Pizza, Breakfast -Lunch-Dinner, Dinner Theatre, Sports Bars. Each type of operation has unique needs and Dineamics POS addresses them all. You shouldn't have to change your business to “fit” a POS. It's the other way around. Dineamics changes to fit your business.
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    ACCOUNT FOR EVERY DROP OF LIQUOR, Beer, Wine, Food & Beverage and track it down to the shift, station and bartender! System automatically writes pour recipes for every bottle of liquor you have. Use beer bottle labels, text, or actual pictures for buttons. Automatic re-order rounds, split tabs on-the-fly to up to 20 credit cards evenly or by selective amounts. Every touch, every sale, every cash drawer open is timestamped and tracked by bartender.
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    THE MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT IS BUILT RIGHT IN. Use Member Cards or Member Numbers or Names, or any mix of all three. Keeps multiple member types, dues, fees, minimums, carry-forwards. Track slips, dock fees, petrol, etc. Members may pay on Accounts through the POS or Back-office (you choose), maintain built-in Accounts Receivable or push to Quickbooks.
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  • Custom Solutions »

    WE WRITE CODE. Tired of being told, "It doesn't do that?" We'll be happy to integrate your special needs into your POS System.
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