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Fully Integrated Front-to-Back 

All programs automatically “talk to each other”.

Dine-amics is a POS Full Business System. The system deals with everything “restaurant”, not just everything “POS”. There’s more to the restaurant business than the color of the buttons and how many modifiers a burger is restricted to.

Our design is Full Integration of all Software. The POS is the just starting point. It literally means the Point of Sale. The physical place where you sell something. All the areas listed below have a direct relation to the POS but in Dine-amics are designed as Fully Integrated programs (sub-systems), that automatically talk directly to the Point-of-Sale and each other. Everything's included in one System. 

Some systems still try to deal with this by having you purchase completely separate programs requiring you to transfer data from one place to another or even one computer to another.

With Dine-amics, Everything's Included on the Same System. All information captured at the POS automatically flows throughout the rest of the system. No additional programs to buy, no re-entry of data, no hassling trying to build spreadsheets to cover what’s missing. Everything’s included. In Dine-amics, all of your people see the same information and use the same sets of numbers. Do your Managers think that everything looks pretty rosy only to have their bubble burst by the bookkeepers when a P&L is finally produced two weeks after the period is over?

Instantly end manual data entry. Dine-amics will automatically hand your Managers a one-page Daily Operating Profit and Loss Report, the very same day of their shift. It’s their report card. It’s a top-down look at the real numbers they are directly responsible for. It shows exact sales, the exact cost of goods of the actual mix of items sold, the real labor cost it took to cover that shift and the bottom line of a shift Operating Profit or Loss. They can then dig deeper in each area to see what went wrong to prevent it from happening again while continuing to expound on the things that went right.  

Real Time Sales Analysis: We capture and timestamp every single item sold. Every button hit. Every Entree, add-on, cook temp, modifier, dessert, topping, extra this or that, beer, cocktail, highball, soda, wash, and the Server that sold it (and the customer who bought it, if you have our Membership Program). All item sales get further stored by Department (ex: Entree), and by sub-classes (Pizza Entree's, Sandwich Entrees, Pizza Entrees,  Steak Entrees, Fish Entrees, etc.). That gives you the power to see things like although Pizza Entrees bring in more Sales Dollars than Burger Entrees as a group, Burger Entrees actually net us more total Gross Profit Dollars! Meaning everytime someone buys a Pizza Entree we "lose" money compared to if they would have bought a Burger Entree. Now you can spot those problems and do something. Change prices, eliminate loss leaders, substitute ingredients, etc. You want to get to a point where it doesn't matter whcih Entree they purchase, you'll end up with the same Gross Profit from any of them. Beyond that, wouldn't you like to know who's selling what? Not just a count of which items were sold by each server, but how comprehensively are they selling? Do certain servers sell high priced Entrees but very few Desserts? That's a pretty good sign they're just turning tables. See: Dine-amic's Per-Person Sales Analysis. 

Automatic Perpetual Inventory: As each and every item is sold, it gets counted down from inventory. Every steak, every burger patty, every bun, every ounce of liquor and wine and every bottle of beer. The system automatically looks up the individual item's cost detail. Whatever you decide to keep in the system. At the lowest level it's a cost percentage, next best is a plate cost, the best possible detail is a recipe. Under dineamics you can have a one-line recipe (the patty of the burger), or you can haveas detailed of a recipe as you want (burger patty, bun, garnish, mayo, side, tomatoe, fries). It's all up to you. And you can write detail for some and use plate costs or percents for others. It's all up to you.  

Fully Intregrated Labor Cost Control: A Fuly Intergrated Timeclock System is included with your system. Employees can punch in & out on any designated POS terminal. It understands each employee's individual rate of pay and there are no limits to job class assignments. Tips can be declared right at the timeclock and it already knows all about each Server's Credit Card Tips from Authorizations. Labor Costs can be shown by hour, shift, day, week or any chosen period of time. Compare the actual Labor Costs to the scheduled to see what changed. Or compare the actual Labor Costs to a set of "House Standards". Standards are the expect Labor Costs from each job class at any given level of customer volume. "Percentages only can be very deceiving. Look closely at the actual Labor Costs and your variances. It takes “X” amount of staff at “Y” dollars per hour in each job class to cover the number of customers served. When it’s higher than the norm something wasn’t controlled. Staff punched in earlier or out later than they should have. Too many people were working for the number of customers. Which job classes where those? You used higher paid people to do lower cost jobs. Who were they exactly and what did it cost? Line cooks doing prep work, managers punched in as managers but bartending or hosting. Dine-amics instantly reveals all of this.

Automated Bookkeeping: All information captured at the Point-of-Sale will Automatically flow throughout the rest of the system. The Front-of-the-House is on the same page as the Back-of-the-house. All information is instantly available.

Integrates to QuickBooks or use our built-in General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll. 

Much, much more. We highly encourage you to see an on-line demonstration at you're earliest convenience to see which of these areas will enable you to make more money.

The Bottom Line is that a successful operation needs to know instantaneously if what they are doing is making or losing money. In this business, you can be out of business literally faster than your accountant can produce your financial statement. And what do you do with it anyway? You’re looking at ancient history. What are you going to do about something that happened a month ago? It’s all too little too late.

Dine-amics captures what happens at the POS and automatically spreads it thought the rest of the system instantaneously so you can see what’s really happening right now. This gives you the ability to go further into each of the areas listed below with all information at your fingertips. All people see the same sets of numbers in a timely fashion which keeps everyone one the same page at the same time.  

When was the last time you knew how much money you actually made at lunch, that day? Not how many sales dollars you collected but how much actual profit was left after you paid for the material costs of the exact items sold and the labor it took to run that shift? Ever?

If you saying to yourself “I don’t need to know that”, it’s not that you’re doing it wrong. You’re probably spending an enormous amount of time and effort trying to get it right. It’s just that you might be missing huge opportunity costs. Our favorite saying is “let the computer compute”. We have all the information at the ready. You don’t have to “do” anything to get it.

Everything is Automatically Fully Integrated on One System. It’s all right there. Just look at it. Then decide for yourself.

No more waiting for a week, period or month to be over to get results. You need to know what's happening in the restaurant business right now! 

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